Available courses

Our values are based on what we believe is good or best in the world around us. Most of our behaviour flows out of our values. Different cultures have different values and the difference between our home and host culture is called “culture distance". In the Culture Values and Distance Course we explore some of these values, consider what makes up our home values, and discover the values in our host culture. The Culture Values and Distance Course is a ten hour interactive, online course that is run over a two week period. 

Based on the work of Jayson Georges and others this course will explore different cultural paradigms of guilt-innocence, honour-shame and fear-power. Learn to understand the powerful motivations in other cultures that impact the way the Bible message is understood and applied. Learn how to adapt the way you present ideas so they will be better understood by people in different contexts. This course is 10 hours over a 2 week period. 

We spend a lot of time sowing the seed of God’s word into the lives of students. We want to see it take deep root, build a firm foundation and change lives. However, so often we find that things get lost in translation. We struggle to know how to apply scripture in a way that brings deep conviction and life-changing understanding.  This course builds on the culture values and distance course to unpack key aspects of traditional Chinese thinking, religion and worldview and consider ways these can be addressed in ministry.

Anyone who has engaged in international student ministry knows how hard it is to communicate ideas clearly across a cultural divide. This advanced course examines the process of contextualised communication and considers ways we can be better cross-cultural ministers and Bible teachers. The course is made up of readings, podcasts and group discussion forums.  This course is 10 hours over a 2 week period.